WATCH: ‘Drag Race’ Widow Von’Du Arrested for Domestic Violence


WATCH: ‘Drag Race’ Widow Von’Du Arrested for Domestic Violence

Season 12’s ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Widow Von’ Du, whose genuine name is Ray Fray, was arrested on Monday night for domestic violence at home in Missouri.

As indicated by the probable cause affidavit, Widow returned home early Friday morning in what her boyfriend described to cops as an intoxicated state.

According to the boyfriend, she got disturbed when she discovered him resting there, despite the fact that he says he disclosed to her he would be.

That is the point at which, her boyfriend told police, Widow purportedly punched him 4 to multiple times in the face, choked him, and drag him across the floor and into a bed frame. As a result, the boyfriend was knocked unconscious.

Widow’s boyfriend said he ultimately figured out how to get away, discovered assistance, and was hospitalized.

The police report states he required 14 stitches all over his face and head.

She’s facing 1st and 2nd-degree domestic assault charges.

Widow denied some of what happened, but on an IG Live video she did state “some white boy tried me and got his ass beat” — and it’s believed she was talking about her boyfriend.