WASA to commission new Operational Control Centre on Wednesday

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WASA to commission new Operational Control Centre on Wednesday

WASA says a new Operational Control Centre, aimed at improving water management, will be commissioned on Wednesday.

According to the water company, the 2,500 square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including video walls and a centralized platform for 24-hour monitoring and control of SCADA Systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and telemetric devices, the OCC enhances executive, tactical, strategic, and operational oversight.

WASA says the set-up allows for 24/7 monitoring and the automation of manual processes such as leak repair and water trucking.

“The OCC’s advanced server room, equipped with backup power supply, ensures continuous data collection and monitoring, enabling a proactive approach through real-time data flow and improved operational efficiency,” the Authority notes. “This dynamic space allows the Authority to remotely manage and monitor operations across its extensive network of water and wastewater facilities.”

WASA assures that security and cybersecurity issues have been factored into the new OCC’s design and operability metrics, noting that it features robust cybersecurity measures, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and biometric access control. In addition, surveillance cameras with analytic capabilities provide an additional layer of safety and security for the facility and its personnel.

WASA says future projects “will continue to drive digitization and automation of water and wastewater services, supported by anticipated funding from international and domestic stakeholders.”

It notes that the facility was completed on time and below budget in May 2024.