WASA promises to finish restoration work along South Oropouche Main road after heated protest by residents

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WASA promises to finish restoration work along South Oropouche Main road after heated protest by residents

Water and Sewerage Authority advises that the permanent road restoration works along the South Oropouche Main Road, Avocat are scheduled to be completed on Thursday 23rd June, 2022.

This after protest action and a heated confrontation broke out between councillor Doodnath Mayrhoo for Avocat/San Francique North and a WASA police officer.

The incident took place at Harris Village, South Oropouche as the councillor and other residents were burning tyres to protest bad road conditions.

The officer refused to allow them to burn tyres.


The Authority via  a media release said works were expected to be completed over the last weekend, but was delayed due to inclement weather conditions as well as the challenges in completing the customer connections which required excavation works.

The Authority said it has engaged in very clear and open communication with the local government representative for the area and affected residents on the challenges experienced during the project, the progress of the project.

Therefore, these road restoration works mark the end of this high priority project for installation of approximately 420 meters of eight inch diameter PVC pipeline along the South Oropouche Main Road, Avocat and given these circumstances, the protest action which unfolded is unfortunate.

The Authority said it successfully completed all the pipeline installation works and the final two transfer of service connections were executed today – Tuesday 21st June, 2022. In addition over 220 meters of roadway has already been permanently restored, with the remaining area scheduled to be completed by Thursday 23rd June, 2022.

The new pipeline replaces an existing undersized high leakage five inch diameter pipeline which required frequent repairs, resulting in numerous disruptions to commuters along the highly traversed roadway and interruptions to residents’ water supply.

The Authority said it will continue to engage the local government representatives and residents of the area on the project and reaffirms its commitment in working with all stakeholders particularly residents.

The Authority said it apologizes for the inconvenience caused to residents and motorists over the course of the project.