WASA places metering of private residences and a rate review on its agenda

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WASA places metering of private residences and a rate review on its agenda

Chief Executive Officer at WASA, Allan Poon-King, said the metering of private residences is on the agenda but will have to coincide with a rate review.

Speaking at a Joint Select Committee yesterday, Poon-King said “We want to look at the rate structure and metering as the two go hand in hand. In that regard we will be working with the Regulated Industries Commission to determine what would be appropriate for WASA.”

Poon-King said based on the allocation of funding, there is no timeline for the private implementation of meters.

He said “The purpose of metering is to measure consumption at the customer and also to provide WASA with data to inform our management decisions with respect to transmission and distribution. Bulk metering would be installed to measure water production sources as well as key points in our production line. That would give us information on where the water is going and in terms of the volumes and flows.”

He said that district metering would measure how much water is distributed per area and that would be able to better measure consumption and control.

The last part of the plan, he said, is domestic metering to measure private consumption.

“We have started our bulk metering programme and we have installed 27 bulk meters and that was just completed in December and we are just receiving data,” he said.

He said the next step is to install district meters.

Poon-King said WASA was also focussing on areas that get pipe-borne water less than two days a week. He said the goal was to now “stabilise” the supply to those areas and increase the regularity of supply.