WASA outlines issues for Couva South MP following letter

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WASA outlines issues for Couva South MP following letter

THE Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has responded to a letter by Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh who outlined concerns about the lack of water in several areas in his constituency.

The authority said areas in the constituency, such as Beaucarro, Balmain and Central Park are supplied by the Caroni system and receive a daily supply under normal conditions.

The Freeport Water Works has experienced a drop in production, due in part to reduced production from Freeport Well #15, which recently experienced a downhole mechanical issue, WASA said.

Remedial works were undertaken on this well on January 28 including the installation of a new well motor, and additional mechanical works that were completed on February 3. Well 15 was returned to operation on Saturday. This will facilitate a regularised supply to Calcutta 1, 2 and 3, in accordance with established water supply schedules.
Pipeborne water activated to ensure these areas were serviced between February 3 and 4.

Nadira Gardens and Fairview Park, both supplied off the Carlsen Field Water Works system, have been affected by mechanical challenges at the facility. However, with these issues addressed, the affected customers will receive a pipeborne supply between Sunday and Monday.

The scheduled supply to this zone is 24 hours, every four days.

Concerned Citizens Street, California, under normal conditions, receive a daily supply, however there have been recent challenges in this area due to lower than normal pressures, but the daily supply remains in effect.

Regarding Windsor Park, WASA said this area receives a daily supply from the Dow Village Booster, which is also experiencing suction pressure issues, resulting in low pressures to the customers in this area.It must be noted that the authority is aware of these challenges and are dealing with them. A robust water trucking service has been established to augment the shortfall in supply where needed.

This can be requested through the following self-service options:* Use of the mobile WASA Services App which can be downloaded for Android mobile customers from the Play Store or iPhone mobile customers from the Apple store.* Use of the Customer Portal available on the Authority’s website: www.wasa.gov.tt.Alternatively, customers requiring direct assistance or further information can contact WASA’s Customer Call Centre toll free at 800-4420/4426.