WASA implements COVID Regulations at several offices

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WASA implements COVID Regulations at several offices

The Water and Sewerage Authority, states that as an essential service provider, it has been taking all the required measures to manage the impact of the virus while continuing to deliver water and wastewater services to the population.

In a release issued last evening, the Authority said it is undergoing measures which are consistent with guidelines of the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health in the workplace including:

1. Maintaining of the requisite social distancing i.e., keeping at least six (6) feet away from others.

2. Mandatory wearing of face masks.

3. Washing of hands using soap and water or use of an alcohol-based hand

4. Implementation of alternative work arrangements including rotation of
staff, flexible work schedules and working off-site/from home.

5. Refraining from physical meetings and utilisation of Virtual Media Platforms
for conducting meetings.

6. Staying at home when ill or if a member of the immediate household or a
work contact, is on quarantine.

7. The quarantining of employees as directed by the Ministry of Health.

8. Managing customer visits to Customer Service Centres to ensure that a
maximum of five (5) customers present at any point at the centres.

9. Sanitising personal workspaces on a weekly basis to supplement normal
cleaning schedules.

10. No congregation of persons in workplaces, lunchrooms and bathrooms.
Of the employees who have contracted the virus, we can state that NONE of them have done so on WASA’s compounds. All cases have been examined and are deemed to have been through their contacts outside the workplace.

“Special thanks goes out to staff for their continued commitment and contribution since the onset of the pandemic and employees are encouraged to adhere to public health protocols as the Authority continues to take required actions as guided by the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health.”

This the Authority said will be key as we work towards maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers as it continues the provision of essential services of potable water delivery and wastewater collection, treatment and disposal.