WASA Acting CEO Kelvin Romain to be replaced

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WASA Acting CEO Kelvin Romain to be replaced

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales has revealed that acting Chief Executive Officer of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), Kelvin Romain, will be among several executive members to be replaced in the coming weeks.

According to a GML report, Gonzales said WASA’s transformation process is moving full steam ahead and that Romain’s replacement will not be a national of T&T.

Gonzales told the media house that the authority needed someone with a proven track record of transforming a water utility company, but not many people in T&T have that experience.

A total of nine new managers have been hired at WASA thus far and will come on board soon. He also assured all non-managerial workers that there would not be any more job cuts at the lower level just yet.

Gonzales said, “We are focusing right now on the leadership structure because all the reports would have indicated that it is too cumbersome. It is too large, and that is impeding the work of the authority, so the focus on this part of the transformation is restructuring the leadership of the organisation.

“The positions were being advertised within WASA, locally, regionally, and internationally. All of the persons who would have applied for jobs competed with very experienced people, because remember, it is a transformation, and very few people have experience in transforming and engaging in that wide-scale transformation of a water utility company.”

Gonzales also said that in addition to the nine new managers, WASA will soon be seeking to employ 34 deputy managers, which will include internal promotions.