Violent Gangs Promise to Pause Kidnappings in Haiti


Violent Gangs Promise to Pause Kidnappings in Haiti

During the month of April, Haiti has experienced a sudden increase in the kidnappings of religious officials, however, an arrangement has apparently been haggled for a delay in kidnappings in Haiti between a commission for demobilization and two notorious gangs there.

Le Nouvelliste’s paper, referring to a source, revealed that the National Commission for Disarmament, Dismantling and Reintegration (CNDDR) has hit an arrangement with the posses of Grand-Ravine and Village-de-Dieu, two of the three fundamental equipped gatherings engaged with kidnappings, to stop.

“After much negotiation, the armed groups of Grand-Ravine and Village-de-Dieu agree to take a break. They gave the guarantee that they would not carry out any act of kidnapping during this period, ”Le Nouvelliste cited a source as saying.

It is hazy how long the break will be however up until now, there have been no kidnappings in over a week and every one individual hijacked has been delivered with no payment paid.

“This action plan will allow the CNDDR to have the necessary means to apply the reintegration component which aims to build confidence among armed groups in order to achieve disarmament. You cannot disarm someone without giving them anything in return,” an individual from the CNDDR, talking on state of secrecy, told the paper.

Kidnappings in Haiti expanded by 300% for the period of April 2021, when 91 instances of kidnapping were recorded against 27 cases last March, as indicated by a report from the wrongdoing perception cell of the Center for Analysis and Research in common freedoms (CARDH).