VIDEO: Man Arrested for Beheading Teenaged Daughter in India


VIDEO: Man Arrested for Beheading Teenaged Daughter in India

On March 3rd, a man from Pandetara village, District Hardoi, India, allegedly found her 17-year-old daughter in an objectionable position and beheaded her in a fit of rage. He then took the head to the Majhila police station located 143 KM west of Lucknow and confessed to the crime.

As per reports, Sarvesh Kumar killed his daughter using a sharp object. A video of him walking with the head towards the police station has gone viral on social media. Following the incident, the district police team rushed to the location to investigate the crime.


Superintendent of Police Anurag Vats said that they had arrested the police, and the investigation is undergoing. He said, “Sarvesh is a vegetable vendor. A few days ago, he spotted his daughter in a compromising position with a youth. He made up his mind to teach his daughter a lesson. Sarvesh’s wife has also testified this in her statement to the police.”

During the investigation at the crime scene, SP Vats said that his team had reached the spot to investigate the matter. He further added that the police had arrested the father.

In the viral video, when the father was stopped by the police and asked whose head he was carrying, he said that it is his daughter and he had beheaded her. He added that the boy Aadesh who belonged to his family, ran away; otherwise, he would have killed him too.

A constable took away the father’s head but could not find any piece of cloth to cover it. His video of holding the head and walking around the police station also went viral, after which he was suspended by Lucknow IG Laxmi Singh.

Additional SP Kapil Deo Singh said that after IG was informed about the video, she suspended the constable immediately.

IG Singh said it is the responsibility of the police to maintain law and order. They must carry themselves in a disciplinary manner. She added, “The constable was holding the beheaded girl’s head and taking a stroll in the police station”, after which he was suspended.