Video Emerges of Miami Mom’s Alleged First Attempt to Drown Autistic Son

Video Emerges of Miami Mom’s Alleged First Attempt to Drown Autistic Son

A video recorded by security cameras shows the instant when Patricia Ripley, accused of the murder of her son With 9-year-old autism, he throws it into a water channel. The authorities of Florida (United States) point to the images as evidence that the woman tried to kill her son twice.

The material, broadcast by the Univision chain of the United States, was registered on May 21st, southwest of Miami-Dade County. A woman, identified as Ripley, appears walking with his little in the vicinity of the body of water. She hugs the minor while looking at her surroundings at times.

Suddenly, the woman turns and walks towards the shore next to the boy, whom he holds by the arm, but then lets go, causing him to fall into the water. Immediately, she runs away from the place, while he little It does not leave the channel again until several seconds later.

Later, the mother is seen returning to the place with a man who enters the water to rescue the less.

The state attorney, Katherine Fernández-Rundle, had mentioned the existence of a video that proved what would be the first assassination attempt of Ripley against his son. “She had the intention, according to the facts, to kill him,” he then told the AP agency.

According to the prosecutor, the mother took the minor moments later to another channel, where he pushed him again. The boy He could not be rescued and was found dead, while his mother was arrested for murder and confessed the fact, stating that “he is going to be in a better place,” according to a police document released by the aforementioned United States agency.

The video footage below shows a resident running over to help pull the child out of the water. Viewer Discretion Advised: