Veteran Masman Narrie Approo Has Died Aged 94

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Veteran Masman Narrie Approo Has Died Aged 94

Veteran masman Narrie Approo has died aged 94.

Reports say Approo passed away at a home for the elderly in Arima on Thursday night.

This veteran masquerader and craftsman performed traditional Carnival characters such as the Sailor, Fireman, Midnight Robber and Imp. Where Approo’s talent was on full display was with his visually striking presentations of Black Indians. His creations were well known for their intricate designs and artistry.

San Fernando born Approo moved to John John, East Port of Spain at the age of five and by 1934 he had played his first small devil. During this time he would encounter his first Black Indian mas and was also introduced into the Warriors of Huaracan.

Approo also played the tenor pan in then Cross of Lorraine, which is now known as Massy All Stars.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Randall Mitchell once again offered his condolences to the cultural fraternity following Approo’s passing.

In a statement on Friday, Minister Mitchell said, “Another icon has left us but his legacy will live on. Narrie Approo will be remembered for his skill in wire bending and beading and his ability to make elaborately designed costumes which thrilled onlookers during Carnival. This type of artistry and flair will certainly be missed.”