Venezuelans being sold by TT businessmen for prostitution and their organs

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Venezuelans being sold by TT businessmen for prostitution and their organs

President of the Latin Association of Trinidad and Tobago, David Edghill has made a damning accusation against Trinidadian businessmen, linking several to the illegal trade of Venezuelans to this country.

Edghill said Venezuelans are entering the country illegally and rings of illegal activities are happening without consequence.

“The illegal migrants coming into Trinidad is due to the non interest of authorities in our country to put under the law those who are bringing in through our borders migrants illegally,” he said.

“We have human trafficking going on in Trinidad and nobody has been locked up,” he added.

He said the Venezuelans are being sold for their bodies through prostitution and also for their organs.

Edghill made the statement during a news conference at the Anchorage, Chaguaramas on Thursday.

He said “The quality of people coming into Trinidad and Tobago is certainly not qualified professional workers; we are having bandits, narcos, vagabonds running away from Venezuela just to come in here…it is scary, you don’t know who is coming in that boat.”

Edghill said things must be put in order to treat with the criminals and assist the economic migrants who may be in need.

He said there must be a process to know what they are here for. “If they are here to work then welcome them and a way will be found to assist.”

Edghill added that action must be taken against the boat captains and owners who are charging innocent families to come into Trinidad for work, food and housing.

He said the United Nations has to involve itself in relocating these people.

Photo by Jermaine Cruickshank