Venezuelan President Maduro Survives Assassination Attempt

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Venezuelan President Maduro Survives Assassination Attempt

On Tuesday, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro publicy announced that there was a planned assassination against him on December 6th, the day of the parliamentary elections.

During a press conference Maduro said that through a highly reliable Colombian intelligence source, he changed his voting centre because of information that there was prepared attack on his life.

“We confirmed the information and my security team made the decision to recommend that I change the voting centre because it was precisely a fixed day in a fixed place ”and from the Casa de Narimo, Ivan Duque participated in the plans to try to assassinate me himself election day,” Maduro confirmed.

“That is the truth and I took my security precautions, this whole matter is in an advanced investigation phase,” he said.

He assures that Iván Duque hates Venezuela and is aware of everything related to him.

“He has a thousand mercenaries training to one day launch them against Venezuela,” said the Head of State, commenting “instead of governing his country where there are massacres every day.”

He repudiated the action of the Colombian government, this Tuesday, to prevent a plane that international observers were going to board from Venezuela from flying over Colombian airspace, and they had to wait more than 10 hours to do so.

The Head of State sent a message of solidarity to all affected international observers.With regard to the presumed presence of dissidents from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) in the country, Maduro said “we do not accept nor will we accept any armed group from Colombia, of any kind on Venezuelan soil.”

“Any group, of any characteristic, that tries to walk on Venezuelan soil, will be captured and the entire constitution and the weight of the law will be applied, whatever the group, whatever you want to call it,” Maduro said, insisting “no We accept military, paramilitary, armed groups, guerrillas on Venezuelan soil, we do not accept them, it is a principled and very firm position that I want to reaffirm today ”.

Maduro commented that the gigantic border with Colombia has always been penetrable and that “all the crime that comes from Colombia, kidnappers, smugglers, drug traffickers, moves on that border.” There is a permanent fight, the fight is brutal, and the paramilitary groups and the guerrillas also move ”.

He also said that the Colombian oligarchy has always wanted Venezuela to get into its internal conflict. “The conflict in Colombia belongs to Colombia and the Colombians must resolve it, we can help them to dialogue, to seek agreements and to sign peace agreements, which have all been violated.”

“We can help in peace in Colombia, always ready, but do not ask us to get involved in your conflict,” said Maduro.