Venezuelan authorities dismantle human-trafficking network with TT links

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Venezuelan authorities dismantle human-trafficking network with TT links

Venezuelan authorities have dismantled a human-trafficking network which they say is connected to Trinidad and Tobago.

The revelation was made on Monday during a press conference by Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek William Saab.

Saab said the investigation was launched after a mother notified the police that her daughter had run away with other young people to be taken to TT to work as a prostitute.

He continued: “The young woman called her mother and informed her that she no longer wanted to go to Trinidad, but that she was not allowed to return.” He said the phone call was traced and the young women were located in Tucupita, Delta Amacuro state.

Three young women and seven adults were rescued. Eight people were detained, and another two who were implicated were arrested – one in Lara State and the other in La Guaira.
The detainees will be charged with trafficking in persons and criminal association.

The ringleaders of the scheme, according to Saab, were in TT, and the Venezuelan government was awaiting the “co-operation of the Trinidadian authorities for their capture and extradition.”