Latin America Remembers the Birth of Simon Bolivar

Latin America Remembers the Birth of Simon Bolivar

Chavismo and the opposition temporarily forgot this Friday the severe crisis that Venezuela is going through, and for which they are mutually responsible, to remember the hero of the Spanish-American emancipation Simón Bolívar, in the 237 years of his birth.

“We commemorate 237 years of the birth of the liberating father, Simón Bolívar. Giant who embodied the spiritual and moral values ​​of our Venezuelan, and that today we are called to deepen,” Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on Twitter.

“We are the heirs of his greatness and as yesterday we will be able to overcome the difficulties,” added the president.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that the figure of Bolívar “continues to inspire struggles and resistance” in the region. “Its immensity is immeasurable. Its imprint is eternal. Its absolute validity. Its time is today, it is always”, he added.

For its part, the Armed Forces commemorated the date at the gates of the National Pantheon, an old building next to the El Libertador Mausoleum, where Bolívar’s remains have been lying since 2013.

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From there, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said Bolívar was “a man of providential destiny (…), with political genius and a vision of a great, strong homeland” that could “counter the hegemonic powers of 200 years ago “

“Today we are giving this same fight, not only for our national independence, but for our humanist (government) model, which Bolívar himself embodies,” he said.

The Venezuelan opposition, meanwhile, called to follow the example of “fighting to win” that Venezuelan historians, who have mythologized his figure, transfer Bolívar.

“Today, 237 years after the birth of Bolívar, our liberator, we Venezuelans are called to follow his example of fighting until he wins. This is how he did it, against all adversities and ups and downs, and so will we do until we reach the same goal. that he: freedom, “opposition leader Leopoldo López said on Twitter.

While the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, whom fifty countries recognize as interim president, pointed out that the commemoration of Bolívar’s birthday is “special” for Venezuelans, while highlighting the ratification of the Protocol of San Salvador that he this same day his Administration before the Organization of American States.

Simón Bolívar was born into a wealthy family on July 24, 1783, in Caracas, although some historians question this fact and point out that he may have been born on a hacienda in the central state of Aragua.

As a military man, he led the campaigns that determined the definitive independence of Spain from current Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

He died in poverty in Santa Marta, Colombia, at the age of 47, and rejected by some of the local leaders who had helped him gain independence.