Valsayn residents complain-No flood help from authorities

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Valsayn residents complain-No flood help from authorities

Like many areas across Trinidad affected by massive flooding over the past 24 hours. Valsayn south residents complained about the poor response from authorities to their plight. Spring land road residents had already endured four days of not being able to leave their homes last week with one day respite before rains came again on Saturday and early Sunday morning to return their road, yards and some homes under three to four feet of dirty water.

The lament the poor response by authorities as many of the residents are elderly and would not be able to get help in emergencies. An elderly home on the street had occupants trapped by flood waters unable to get supplies.

They are asking for the Ministry of works to identify the cause of the flooding . One resident who has lived in the area for forty years said that this has never happened in all her family’s years of living in the area.