Valmiki Maharaj: “More info needed on Carnival in T’bgo”

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Valmiki Maharaj: “More info needed on Carnival in T’bgo”

Tribe’s Valmikki Maraj says he’s very happy that things are returning to normal particularly in terms of Carnival festivities.

Tobago will see Carnival celebrations in October this year after two years without revelries.

He said that carnival businesses in Tobago have a great opportunity to support the event on the sister isle.

He however said that Tribe has no immediate plans to set up camp in Tobago for the festivities.

He disclosed there is still some uncertainty as to who can set up in Tobago for Carnival.

He said more information needs to be forthcoming to clarify who can get involved in the venture.

Maraj noted that there has not been much direction given to stakeholders on involvement in the Carnival celebrations.