Valencia man gunned down near his home

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Valencia man gunned down near his home

A man identified as Dominic “Saski” Callender was shot and killed in Valencia last night (Friday 21st June, 2024).

Police said a neighbour of Callender’s at Sapphire Drive, KP Lands, heard gunshots around 11.15 pm.

The neighbour went outside shortly after and found Callender’s body on the ground outside his white Hyundai H100 truck.

The neighbour called the police and officers of the Valencia Police Post visited the scene and took Callender to hospital where he was declared dead at 11.30 pm.

Officers of the Special Evidence Recovery Unit (SERU) found 17 spent 5.56 shells and four spent 9 mm shells.

Callender’s van was also towed to the SERU compound in Cumuto for further forensic analysis.

Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II are continuing enquiries.