UWI Seismic revises Saturday’s earthquake magnitude; records 27 aftershocks

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UWI Seismic revises Saturday’s earthquake magnitude; records 27 aftershocks

Twenty-seven aftershocks were recorded following Saturday night’s earthquake which shook all of Trinidad and Tobago.

The UWI Seismic Research Centre’s preliminary estimated magnitude was 6.2 but this was revised down to 6.0.

UWI SRC director, Dr Erouscilla Joseph, in an interview with GML said aftershock activity following a larger earthquake is normal.

“It can take weeks or months for things to ‘settle.’ We’ve had a big shock with the large fault movements, and things are still moving.” 

From Saturday to yesterday, there have been 27 aftershocks and 41 earthquakes recorded in T&T’s region. There has also been a concern that seismic activity has increased in the area. But Joseph said this is not precisely the case. 

Joseph urged the population to be prepared. During an earthquake, she said it is important to protect yourself from falling objects, hence why the advice is generally to drop, cover, and hold out the shaking under a sturdy piece of furniture. Running outside or even standing in a door frame is not the recommended course of action, mainly due to both falling objects and newer doorframes that have become more decorative rather than structural, she said.

Joseph said it is also important to have a plan. “Knowing where in your house is the safest place and having plans to contact your family in the event that […] there’s a loss of electricity.”