US Vice Presidential Debate 2020 Highlights: Harris and Pence Spar Over Racism and the Pandemic

US Vice Presidential Debate 2020 Highlights: Harris and Pence Spar Over Racism and the Pandemic

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and California Senator Kamala Harris held a civil conversation that (at least some of the time) included actual substance on a swath of topics ranging from abortion to police violence during yesterday’s Vice Presidential Debate.

See below five (5) highlights of the confrontation between the candidates:

1. Coronavirus pandemic

“The American people have witnessed what is the biggest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country,” said Senator Kamala Harris.

The Democratic party candidate recalled the high numbers of Covid-19 in the United States. THE country concentrates more than 7.5 million confirmations of cases of the disease and at least 210 thousand deaths due to coronavirus complications.

In his defense, Pence said that from the beginning, Trump put the USA first. “He did what no other president did: banned travel from China, and Senator Biden said it was xenophobia. “According to Pence, it saved thousands of lives.

In civilized debate, Kamala Harris tells Mike Pence that Trump failed in the pandemic

She redoubled criticism when Pence was asked why government officials exposed themselves while participating in a event in the garden of the White Housein late September, in which many people may have been infected with the coronavirus, including President Trump.

The Democrat also said that Biden has a plan in case he gets elected and takes office before the pandemic ends. According to her, her administration will focus on “expand contact tracking and testing, in administering the vaccine and making sure that it will be free for everyone. ”

Whether Donald Trump, 74, or Joe Biden, 77, whoever wins the November 3 election will be the oldest U.S. president to date. In this way, many believe that there are great chances that the vice to reach the highest command post in the country.

However, both avoided responding directly when asked about the health of their running colleagues and if they had conversations about the possibility of taking office. The two just said that both Biden and Trump are “transparent”.

2. Economic recovery

In debating the state of the US economy, the two candidates discussed tax cuts: Pence said Biden wants to stop tax cuts, but Harris says the measure would not apply to anyone earning less than $ 400,000.

Second to Senator, to economy health is based on worker health and family, but Trump “measures the economy by the number of wealthy people”. The Democratic candidate questioned the fiscal situation of Trump, who reportedly failed to pay taxes for ten years, according to the New York Times.

Mike Pence defended his running mate and said, “The American people have a president who is a businessman and a job creator. And he paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes. ”

3. Renewable energy and the environment

According to Pence, Biden and Harris would return to the Paris Agreement,would adopt the Green New Deal and would ban the practice of fracking (method of extracting gas and oil by which material is injected under pressure underground, causing fractures), which would “wipe out American families”.

In response, Harris stated that Joe Biden will not ban fracking, and “this is a fact”. She also said that the Democrat intends to create jobs, and that millions of them will come from the use of clean and renewable energy.

“Joe believes in science. Let’s go back to the Climate Agreement with pride. This administration has already removed the words Science and Climate Change from its website, “said Harris.

4. Nomination for the Supreme Court

A Amy Coney Barrett nomination for a seat on the Supreme Court of the USA was also a topic in the debate on Wednesday. The conservative judge was appointed by Trump to replace Ruth Ginsburg, who died last month of cancer.

Harris, defends the postponement of the appointment of the next judge until next year: “Let the American people decide who will occupy the White House and then we will decide who will occupy that lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.”

The Republican candidate supports the nomination and called for a “fair hearing” to Judge Barrett. Next week it will be heard by the US Senate, and Harris will attend the session. He mentioned the tough position given by Kamala Harris to another Trump-appointed judge, Brett Kavanaugh.

5. Racism and police violence

Near the end of the debate, the California senator showed irritation during a discussion of racial justice. Mike Pence deplored the Breonna Taylor case, but said he believed in the US justice system.

“This idea that America is systemically racist and that there is implicit prejudice in law enforcement, as Biden and Harris say, is a big insult to the men and women who work in that sector,” said Mike Pence.

It was then that Harris, a former federal prosecutor, replied angrily, saying that she was the only one on that stage to have legally accused a series of criminals of all kinds.

“I will not sit here and listen to a lecture by the vice president on what it means to enforce the laws of our country. I am the only one on this stage who has personally prosecuted everything from child sexual assault to homicide,” he said.

She then quoted President Trump as saying that in the debate against Joe Biden the president was unable to condemn a white supremacist group and recalling the 2017 episode of Charllotesville, when he said there were good people “on both sides” during an incident also involving white supremacists.