US Supreme Court Rejects Trump-backed Challenge to Election

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US Supreme Court Rejects Trump-backed Challenge to Election

Donald Trump had assured that it was “the big one”. However, on Friday the political earthquake he was hoping for did not materialize.

The Supreme Court of the United States refused to take up an appeal filed by Texas and supported by the American president, which sought to block the attribution of the grand voters of four states won by Joe Biden. The latter should now logically be elected by the electoral college, which meets on Monday.

Texas’ suit made the unprecedented request for the Supreme Court to invalidate the election results of the four battleground states by declaring that their Electoral College votes “cannot be counted.”

Biden’s wins in the four states, which together held 62 electoral votes, had put him over the threshold of 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency. Biden is projected to win 306 electoral votes, compared with 232 for Trump.

Even though allies of Donald Trump may attempt to challenge the results in Congress on January 6th, they do not have enough votes in the House to do so. And it is Joe Biden who will be sworn in to become the 46th President of the United States on January 20th.