US Police give up after suspect left them “hog-tied” over arrest

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US Police give up after suspect left them “hog-tied” over arrest

Police in Pennsylvania were forced to give up a chase for a suspect after the suspect proved to be too fast and they were unable to figure out how to arrest him.

Police were called after residents in the Hamilton Park in Pennsylvania reported a massive pig on the loose.

The pig, dubbed Hamilton, left officers “hog tied” for days as they labelled him the “fastest pig alive”.

The Manheim Township Police Department even took to social media to give details about the manhunt.

There were multiple sightings but the pig was always gone by the time they responded.

They also noted the irony in 3 cops chasing a pig.

Officers eventually found him when a man reported an “enormous pig” was sleeping under a trampoline in his backyard.

Three officers with a combined 40 years of experience responded and thought they were finally in luck when they discovered the sleeping pig.

However the officers began scratching their head as to the next step when they realized they didn’t have the necessary “pig-catching stuff”.

They eventually gave up and called in a Farm Sanctuary where they say he will live out his days, telling stories to the other rescued farm animals about how he was saved from his ‘life on the streets.’”