US Embassy outgrows Marli Street; plans to construct new building

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US Embassy outgrows Marli Street; plans to construct new building

The US Embassy in T&T intends to move from its landmark spot on the corner of Marli Street and Queen’s Park West, Port of Spain.

According to the Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, Joseph FitzGerald, plans are in place to have the consulate office moved from its current location, as they have outgrown the embassy building in Port of Spain.

FitzGerald, speaking during a Covid19 outlook webinar on Wednesday night, said “We are in a very antiquated building that is not fit for service, it doesn’t meet our security specs, and we’ve outgrown it and we’re actually in four separate buildings. So the US Embassy is hoping to buy and build a new embassy in the next several years, which I think would be great.”

He said “It would be an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars coming into the economy at a time when it’s needed, by just the process of building the embassy alone.”
Not only will it assist with post-covid19 economic stimulation activity, it will also be a great symbol of how important the bilateral relationship is between government and the way we are making progress.”

He said the consulate has not yet found the land space for the construction, but they do hope to make an announcement soon.

FitzGerald said “Washington knows that the need is there, and the relationship merits a new embassy, so that’s probably my biggest challenge on a day-to-day basis.”