UPDATE: Threat Assessment Unit involved in prison officer attack


UPDATE: Threat Assessment Unit involved in prison officer attack

Following the Sunday morning attack of a prison officer’s home, Commissioner of Prisons Gerald Wilson said that his officers are advised to be cautious.

Wilson said the prison service and the police service have been helpful and supportive to officers in trying to ease the obvious tension that would arise as a result of the attacks. He is advising his officers to be observant, although he admits that they are anxious as in many cases, the officers’ families are involved.

He said that the Threat Assessment Unit has been active since the attack and he is expected to get a report this morning before fully dealing with the matter.

Over the past week, attacks against police officers and their families have been making the headlines.

Last Monday, Sherry-Ann Watson,51, was gunned down in Malabar. She was the ex-wife of a prison officer. Police are investigating whether her death could be linked to her ex-husband’s job.

Then, on Sunday morning, a prison officer’s house was shot at in Pleasantville. The officer, Olang Harris, was not at home at the time but his wife and four children, three daughters and one son, were home. His daughter reportedly saw a man with a hoodie running down the street after hearing the gunshots. This is not the first attack on their home. Harris said he had no ‘beef’ with any inmate but his daughter had witnessed a robbery recently, but he could not say if it was related.

Investigations are continuing.