UPDATE: “I want justice for what he did to me at 14”

UPDATE: “I want justice for what he did to me at 14”

“I have been involved with the 2 Cents Movement since about 2014 as a student who accepted mentorship,” writes the victim.

Izzso Media reached out to one of the students who was under the mentorship of a former affiliate of the Two Cents Movement, who is being accused of ‘sexual grooming’ via Twitter.

She said “the accused approached me many times and try to offer mentorship and company.”

“He told me many times that should I need help that I can personally contact him and he will do his best to facilitate me anywhere I’d want to meet.”

The victim said “He asked me for my number a good few times and would stick around me throughout all these events, making it known to me that he was interested and also that he wanted to speak to me privately outside of our usual groups and activities.”

She said “I never once did or said anything that I see to be suggestive.”

“I interacted with him just as I would interact with any of the other main members of the movement.”

“I held him in high esteem and all he did was make me very uncomfortable and try to prey on me as an unknowing mine.”

She says at the time of the incident she was 14 years of age. Today she wants justice and for the accused to be held accountable for his actions.