UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian heads to the U.S


UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian heads to the U.S

Hurricane Dorian has shifted its focus to the US.

The U.S National Hurricane Center has downgraded the storm to a Category 2, though the storm has widened in size. The storm is said to have maximum sustained winds of 110 mph. Millions of people in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas have been awaiting and preparing for the storm.  A State of Emergency was issued in all States and persons living close to coastal areas were told to evacuate. Dorian is on its way to Florida’s east coast moving at 2mph now, set to move dangerously close the Florida’s east coast.

Over the weekend, Dorian battered the Abaco Islands and the Grand Bahama Island in Bahamas. Five persons have been confirmed dead and widespread destruction has befallen parts of the island. Dangerous winds will continue in Grand Bahama for several more hours.