UPDATE: Father and son murdered in Bagatelle

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UPDATE: Father and son murdered in Bagatelle

More details have come in, in connection with the murder of a father and son in Diego Martin on Saturday night.

Adlai Lewis, 54, and his son Che Lewis, 29, were shot at their home at First Street, Bagatelle Road around 11.30 pm.

Police reported that Che Lewis went to bed with his common-law wife around 11pm and approximately half an hour later, she awoke to the sound of several loud explosions and found Lewis lying next to her in a pool of blood.

Screaming for help, the woman later discovered her father-in-law Adlai Lewis, slumped across a couch in the front of the house.

The police were notified and the men were pronounced dead by a District Medical Officer.

Several spent shells were recovered from the scene.