UPDATE: Darryl Smith report will not be made public, says AG


UPDATE: Darryl Smith report will not be made public, says AG

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi, says the draft report into allegations against former government minister, Darryl Smith, will not be made public.

Mr Smith was dismissed as minister in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development after information was discovered regarding the dismissal and payment of compensation to a former female staff member at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

He had been previously demoted from his Cabinet position as Minister of Sport, when the issue first came to light.

It had been disclosed then that he had arranged for the payment of 150 thousand dollars to Ms Carrie-Ann Moreau, his personal assistant, after she began making claims of sexual harassment against him.

Speaking at a news briefing held at the AG’s officer in Port-of-Spain on Friday afternoon, Mr. Al Rawi explained why the report cannot be made public, adding that there is no need for the investigation committee to reconvene.

The AG then gave insight into what the public can expect on this issue going forward.