UPDATE: “Danny Boy” killed by fake officers

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UPDATE: “Danny Boy” killed by fake officers

Daniel “Danny Boy” Gowrie would have been alive today if he had not followed the men dressed as police officers out of his house.

Around 11:00pm on Thursday night, three men announced that were police officers and entered the house when Gowrie’s mother opened the door. The men wore bandannas that covered their faces and were armed with what was described as “long guns”. They were also dressed in tactical gear. Gowrie was told to lie on the ground. He was then handcuffed and taken to the street near his home where he was shot multiple times. The men escaped in a Grey Rav 4 vehicle.

Gowrie’s mother said after she heard the shots, she looked outside and saw her son lying on the ground under a street light.

Police are continuing investigations.