UPDATE: 9 AK-47 rifles and 8 AR-15 rifles found in a barrel in Freeport

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UPDATE: 9 AK-47 rifles and 8 AR-15 rifles found in a barrel in Freeport

Acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob sends threat to criminal elements throughout T&T with the recent high-powered weapons seized in Freeport.

The Acting Commissioner said he intends to intensify the pressure on the criminal elements operating within society by channelling resources and working strategically with other agencies to remove illegal firearms from our communities.

“We remove the weapons, we will reduce the incidence of crime.”

On Tuesday 8th March, 2022, officers of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Customs and Excise Division and Central Division CSI, under the supervision of the ACP Central Intelligence Bureau, conducted a joint intelligence-led exercise at Medway Warehouse located at Old Southern Main Road, St. Mary’s Village, Freeport.

During the exercise a party of officers searched a sealed barrel, which when opened, was found to contain the following:
• 9 AK-47 rifles
• 8 AR-15 rifles
• 2 pistols
• 1,021 rounds of assorted ammunition
• 36 magazines

The seizure represents the joint inter-agency approach of Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and Customs and Excise Division in targeting gangs which are involved in the transnational trafficking of firearms between North America and Trinidad and Tobago.

Investigations are continuing by officers of the SIU and Customs and Excise Division.