EBC yet to respond to letter that votes for Padarath will be null and void on election day

EBC yet to respond to letter that votes for Padarath will be null and void on election day

A document began circulating on social media on Wednesday, which advised voters in Princes Town constituency that all votes for Barry Padarath, the UNC’s representative for the district, will be null, void, and thrown away because he was invalidity nominated.

The document appears to bear the signature of PNM ‘s Princes Town candidate Sharon Baboolal and three electors—Sean Stoute, Leon Bengochea, and Antoinette Hills.

The document was also placed in an advertisement in the Trinidad Express newspaper.

Additionally, it advises voters that the wrong form was submitted in lieu of Padarath’s appearance before the returning officer.

It claims that the returning officer who signed off on Padarath’s nomination form was at fault and should have acted.

The Trinidad Express is suggesting that the PNM is behind the ad.

This follows comments at a news conference on Monday by PNM chairman Colm Imbert, who described Padarath’s nomination as flaw­ed.

Imbert contended that Padarath did not sign a necessary consent form, as required by law.

Padarath, who returned from the US in July, submitted his nomi­nation papers via an agent. He was completing the required 14-day State quarantine.

Imbert said the consent form was signed by the agent although Padarath was present in the country and it required his signature.

As such, he claimed the nomination papers are invalid.

There is no word yet from the Elections and Boundaries Commission on the validity of the nomination of UNC candidate for Princes Town, Barry Padarath, or the claims that his votes will not be valid on election day.

Meanwhile, Padarath dismissed the document being circulated as “desperation” on the PNM”s behalf.


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