United Arab Emirates Launches ‘Hope’ Mission to Mars

United Arab Emirates Launches ‘Hope’ Mission to Mars

“The H-IIA rocket number 42 that carries the Esperanca mission to Mars took off at 06:58 and 14 seconds of Japanese time,” Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Japanese company in charge of launching the probe, said in a statement, which was broadcast live over the internet.

Five minutes after take-off, the rocket that carries the probe uncoupled the first propellants and respected the expected trajectory.

The unmanned space apparatus is expected to begin orbiting Mars from February 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the unification of the seven principalities that make up the United Arab Emirates.

After arriving at the destination, the spacecraft will have to circle the red planet throughout the Martian year, of 687 Earth days. The objective is to capture images and unpublished data on the dynamics of time in the atmosphere of Mars.

Known for the immense reserves of oil and natural gas, the United Arab Emirates aspires to become a relevant actor in the field of science and technology.