Unilever to send staff home on July 31st

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Unilever to send staff home on July 31st

Unilever is set to issue retrenchment letters to staff members; this as the company announced that it sold its Spreads business in 2018, which it says was as a key part of its global strategy, which had a ripple effect across all international subsidiaries, including Unilever Caribbean Limited (UCL).

Unilever in the release said “As part of the sale of this business, UCL entered into a Supply Agreement with a Third Party, which ends on the 31st July 2022 – after which, all manufacturing and production will cease in Trinidad.

UCL announced today the start of the consultation process in line with the expiration of this Supply Agreement with the Third Party.

This finalizes the sale and transition of the spreads business to its new owner.

UCL has operated strictly in accordance with its legal requirements when deliberating such actions and as a consequence initated consultation with the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU), the recognized majority union for workers employed by the company.

UCL is committed to honouring all legal and contractual obligations in keeping with good industrial relations principles, practices and its values as a company.

The company carefully considered the impact of these business decisions on its people, their wellbeing and their livelihoods – and is committed to supporting them during this challenging time.

The company will continue to operate in Trinidad and Tobago with a more fit for purpose business model focused on sales, marketing and supply chain – and remains committed to delivering superior performance and driving sustainable and responsible growth.