Unidentified man crushed by bus

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Unidentified man crushed by bus

An unidentified man was run over by a bus in the vicinity of the PTSC City Gate hub in Port of Spain.

Police say a bus driver reported to them that around 7 pm, he was heading east along the Priority Bus Route when he noticed something in the middle of the lane directly in the path of his bus.

The driver said due to the length of the bus, the 66 passengers onboard and having only seen object on the road at the last second, he could not swerve away.

He said he applied brakes immediately but still came into contact with the object.

On checking, the bus driver realised that he had come into contact with a man who was lying on the roadway.

Police said the unidentified man’s head and feet were crushed and there were multiple serious injuries about his entire body.

The man is of African descent, has a brown complexion and was clad in a black jersey and a pair of three-quarter-length jeans.

The bus driver is said to be very traumatized and is expected to give an official statement to the police on Saturday.

PTSC confirmed it was aware of the incident, saying: “We are fully cooperating with the relevant authorities as they carry out a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.”