UNC’s Ratiram named in past sex ring probe but no evidence found

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UNC’s Ratiram named in past sex ring probe but no evidence found

On the heels of a probe launched into human trafficking and rumours that a member or members of the United National Congress were/are involved, comes word that UNC MP Ravi Ratiram was investigated in 2012 but there was no evidence to support the allegations.

In 2012, the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) initiated an investigation into one of its senior officials Ratiram, now a UNC MP, and found there was no evidence to substantiate allegations that he was involved in using the company’s resources and/or facilities to conduct Escort Services with a company he was listed as a director.

Former PTSC general manager, acting, Ronald Ford told the Express in an interview that there was an investigation 12 years ago into allegations of a “sex ring” suspected to have involved then-deputy manager Ratiram, but no evidence was found to take to the police.

Ratiram is now the Couva North Member of Parliament, which he contested on a UNC ticket.

A three-page document has been circulating via WhatsApp stating that a four-member committee was appointed by Ford to investigate a report in the Trinidad and Tobago Mirror newspaper captioned “Govt sex ring”, which claimed that a senior State official was providing escort services to “Big wig officials” at PTSC. There is no mention of ­human trafficking in the document.

The committee members were:
• Roshan Babwah—DGM, Human Resources
• Gemma Bowen—ADGM, Finance
• Marissa Ramsoondar—manager, Legal
• Michael Jackson—manager, Security Services

The document, which has yet to be authenticated, stated that on February 27, 2012, Ford summoned the committee members to his office, where he handed them the Mirror report and instructed them to investigate.

The objective was to ascertain whether there existed any evidence to suggest that Public Transport Service Corporation facilities (inclusive of but not limited to the corporation’s boardroom) were being employed to facilitate any activities that were outside the business of the corporation.

The document stated no evidence was unearthed to suggest that PTSC facilities were employed to facilitate any activities outside of the corporation’s business.

Ford told the media house if the committee had found evidence, it would have been sent to the police.

He noted that Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher has initiated an investigation into what is in the public domain, adding he would cooperate with the police if approached.