UNC wants NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas to resign

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UNC wants NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas to resign

The United National Congress (UNC) wants to see Davlin Thomas removed as Chief Executive Officer of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA).

In fact, the party is calling on Thomas to resign, following his claims that a new team of doctors prompted a 60 per cent decrease in the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients and a 25 per cent decrease in discharges.

Senator Wade Mark, speaking during UNC’s weekly media briefing on Sunday, said “Where is the CEO’s evidence of a reduction in mortality due to a new team of doctors. We asked Mr Thomas, where is the evidence? Where is the proof?” asked Mark who also noted that there had been significant transfers of COVID-19 patients out of the public health system to other facilities and asked if this was the backbone of Thomas’s claim.

Mark stated “This would be gross misrepresentation of medical data and should be strongly rebuked, and roundly condemned by the country and its population.”

“Too many innocent lives are being snatched away on a daily basis because of this dangerous, manipulation of data and statistics,” said Mark.