UNC wants names of National Security staff who took Pfizer vaccine

UNC wants names of National Security staff who took Pfizer vaccine

Who are the members of the National Security staff that benefitted from the 80 vials of Pfizer vaccines, that were donated by the US government?

That’s the question being asked by Opposition MP’s.

Caroni Central MP Arnold Ram asked the Prime Minister in Parliament on Wednesday, to identify the group of persons who have received the first 200 shots of the Pfizer vaccines.

However, Dr Rowley said he was not prepared to identify individuals who took any particular vaccine.
He said “I did say to the country last week that it was offered to the National Security department and it has so been used under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.”

Ram then asked Rowley if he took the Pfizer vaccine, to which the PM said the Opposition should stop trying to mislead the public with “blatant lies.
Rowley said “Unlike the other leader of this House, I told this country when I can be vaccinated.”

The PM then called Ram a “mischief-maker,” adding, “Go and find out from your leader when she took it.”

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal was also on the PM’s back to get an answer on the Pfizer shots.
He asked Rowley if he could provide the House with a list of people who have received the vaccine, saying it was a matter of public record.

Rowley said, “I do not have that information but if the member wants names of who got it, then I’ll ask the Ministry of Health whether they are prepared to do that, whether the patient record is available.
“But I will also tell the member there was no suspicious nature other than the suspicion you tried to create.”

Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh then asked if Rowley could identify the classification of workers who got the vaccine, to which the PM said “it is a national security matter” and that he will not answer the question.