UNC supports Evidence Amendment Bill – 40 for 0 against

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UNC supports Evidence Amendment Bill – 40 for 0 against

The Evidence (Amendment) Bill was passed unanimously in the House with 40 Members voting for, none against and no abstentions.

The United National Congress supported the Bill which was laid today in the Parliament.

This bill seeks to amend the Evidence Act, Chap. 7:02 to provide for the use of different identification procedures, interviews and oral admissions, special measures evidence by video link and matters related thereto.

To see the full bill click the link –


Meanwhile the Opposition issued the following release despite supporting the bill –

“The Opposition today voted in favour of the Government’s Evidence bill and the Government must now do its job.

The PNM Government has demonstrated complete incompetence and abject failure in dealing with the crime crisis plaguing our nation.

Even though we remain unconvinced that this Bill will do anything to solve the pressing issues facing our criminal justice system, we in the Opposition supported the Bill so the Government could end its excuses and blame game on their total inaction to protect the citizens of our nation.

Over the past week, thousands of citizens have taken to the streets in protest over the intolerable levels of violent crime assaulting them.

The Government now has no more excuses. The Government must now begin delivering tangible changes within the criminal justice system to do the work needed to protect our citizens.”