UNC slams Rowley for his ‘whorehouse’ comment

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UNC slams Rowley for his ‘whorehouse’ comment

The United National Congress is today condemning the Prime Minister for his “whorehouse” statement during Thursday’s media briefing on Covid restrictions.

At the briefing yesterday, PM Dr Keith Rowley made reference to the UNC and whorehouses after being asked a question about the opening of our borders and the illegal migrants. He alluded that the UNC were associated with the sexual trade of illegal migrants

The party, in a statement this morning, said that “Once again, Keith Rowley, in order to distract from his failure to secure the borders after fully 6 years in office, descends to disgusting “whorehouse” insults against the Opposition. His allegations are, of course, baseless and are categorically denied.

They said “There are apparently no depths which are too low for the Prime Minister. The country was warned about his wajang, raging bull behaviour, which Rowley goes out of his way to exhibit to the national community at every opportunity.”

“Yet at the same time as Rowley reveals on national television the nastiness in his mind, pictures are circulating on social media of Keith Rowley posing with the alleged owner of Copa Cabana hotel. This infamous hotel was raided by the police in 2018. 51 persons — 35 women and 16 men — were reportedly held, all Spanish speakers from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.”

“The Dominican Republic is also the country ruled in periods from 1960 to 1996 by the racist Caribbean dictator Joaquín Balaguer, whom Rowley compared himself to smilingly at the same news conference.”

The UNC says “Keith Rowley shamelessly reveals how deeply he is mired in the gutter, speaking admiringly of dictators and making wild accusations about “whorehouses” while smiling on camera, posing with an alleged owner of one.
The entire national community must condemn Keith Rowley for his open display of depravity.
Trinidad and Tobago deserves far bette