UNC slams government for its betrayal of Patriotic Energies

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UNC slams government for its betrayal of Patriotic Energies

The United National Congress has slammed the Keith Rowley-led government for its betrayal of Patriotic Energies and Technology Limited in its pursuit to purchase the Petrotrin Refinery.

On Saturday, Minister of Energy Franklin Khan announced that Patriotic’s proposal was rejected.
And, in a press briefing this morning, OWTU’s president general, Ancil Roget said that he wished to continue engagement with the Government for the completion of the acquisition process of Petrotrin.

However, in a press conference and hour later, UNC MP Anita Haynes, said this entire situation has raised more questions than answers.

She said “In 2018, when government took the decision to shut down Petrotrin, we said you cannot do this unless you have a clear and deliberate transition…You have to be clear with what you are going to do with billion dollar assets and the bread and butter of our country. Two years later, it is evident to all of us that there was no plan…”

Haynes said now that this deal has fallen through, we still have no idea what will occur with our billion dollar asset as time goes on.

She said “As more time passes, it becomes more expensive to restart the refinery and government needs to tell us what their plan is going forward.”
“We cannot be treated with scorn and disdain as a population, to be told this is not happening and we just don’t know what is happening next.

Also speaking at the press conference was Senator Wade Mark.