UNC rejects motion for return of past/inactive members

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UNC rejects motion for return of past/inactive members

The general secretary of the United National Congress has rejected a motion by MPs Dr Fuad Khan and Ramona Ramdial, which proposed the return of former and inactive party members to the national executive.

The two raised the motion for debate at Sunday’s UNC National Congress.

However, general secretary Peter Kanhai said the motion didn’t qualify to be raised.

In a letter to addressed to Ramona Ramdial yesterday, Kanhai stated the following:

“Please be advised that I write to inform after due consideration, your motion does not qualify to be raised.

“I take this opportunity to remind you and your co-sponsor that only a few months ago in the UNC internal elections, you were both soundly rejected by the UNC membership.

“I further remind you that Mrs Persad-Bissessar was not gifted the leadership of the UNC in 2010. She earned the honour to lead the UNC by defeating the then-UNC leader in the internal party elections. She has since retained that honour by winning the overwhelming majority of votes from the UNC membership in all subsequent UNC internal elections.

“Under the leadership of Mrs Persad-Bissessar, the UNC is focused on diversity, meritocracy and a mix of youth and competent experience. Hard work, proper planning, efficient execution of tasks, promotion of new talent and merit-based recognition are our philosophy.

“The Political Leader, Natex and UNC membership have unequivocally rejected the politics of caste, class, family connections, segregation, discrimination and dynasty. We are committed to promoting the children of the rank-and-file UNC membership who have educated and qualified themselves to be the next generation of leaders.

“Please be informed that the Political Leader and members of the Natex have been actively engaging many members of all the groups mentioned in your correspondence. Further active discussions are also occurring with other political entities, members of civil society, business groups and non-aligned individuals.

“The UNC reiterates that all are welcome to work with us to improve the lives of our citizens. We encourage you and your co-sponsor to contact your constituency executives, Local Government representatives and Members of Parliament so you can be updated on our party activities and outreach.

“If you cannot, we urge you both to access online our Facebook pages, website and numerous press conferences and public meetings so you will be better informed in the future.

“We assure you both that the Political Leader, Natex and UNC membership have your best interest at heart. We hope you can eventually work with us to promote a new generation of UNC leaders.”

When they filed the motion on Wednesday, Khan said it was designed to return the UNC to government. It involved bringing back all past and inactive UNC members. Part of the motion also involved strengthening the UNC’s National Executive without removing leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Khan had expressed concern that there was no movement in the party and with general elections two years away, the UNC had to start putting things in place from now.