UNC proud of “brilliant” ‘Do So!’ campaign and deny it was created to divide races

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UNC proud of “brilliant” ‘Do So!’ campaign and deny it was created to divide races

The United National Congress (UNC), said it stands by its brilliant, effective and organic campaign of 2010, in which the slogan “Do So!” was a magnificent centrepiece.

UNC PRO, Kirk Meighoo, said: “It was devastatingly effective. Not only did it bring an end to the PNM government of the time, it also brought an end to Patrick Manning’s leadership of the party.

“It is beyond shameful that the Trinidad Guardian would attempt to create racial division in our country by absurdly claiming that the “Do So!” campaign had racial connotations. Such a conclusion can only arise in a desperate, despicable, racist mind,” Meighoo said.

He pointed out that when Percy Villafana dramatically refused entrance to then Prime Minister Patrick Manning into his home, it was a symbol of how the whole country felt about the corruption, mismanagement, and out of control crime situation under the then PNM government.

Meighoo said: “There is nothing racist about telling people not to vote for the PNM because of their incompetence and corruption. To suggest otherwise is highly unethical, desperate, purposely divisive, and bordering on seditious.”
“Furthermore, the UNC never engaged the services of any of the organisations or persons named in the Trinidad Guardian’s pathetic diatribe.”

He added, “This totally non-factual PNM talking point has been raised, no doubt, because Rowley’s PNM feels itself in the same position as Patrick Manning’s PNM in 2010. The whole country wants Rowley and his posse gone.
In 2010, people of all races voted, across the board, across ethnic lines. The People’s Partnership won 26 seats across the country, including traditional PNM seats, because ALL people saw the Kamla Persad-Bissessar led People’s Partnership as a beacon of hope.”

Meighoo said, Trinidadians and Tobagonians rejected the politics of hate, division, and discrimination, and embraced the Partnership. “That is what the “Do So!” campaign proudly embodied.”

He said UNC Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is a fighter and will fight for the people until her last breath.
“The UNC will not be bullied or stand for false accusations in our determined efforts to democratically remove Keith Rowley and the PNM from government, in the soonest possible time.
The people are ready to “Do So!” again,” according to Meighoo