UNC – “PNM crashed everything long before COVID”

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UNC – “PNM crashed everything long before COVID”

“PNM crashed everything long before COVID”, sentiments expressed by Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

“After the Prime Minister addressed the nation from his home in Tobago, one would notice that the picture he has painted of his government’s response to COVID-19 is not the reality of what the population is facing on the ground.”

The UNC said the Prime Minister boasted about a parallel health system while citizens were left to battle under a tent at Mt Hope.

Claiming that the country’s major hospitals, have been overwhelmed for months.

The UNC said “citizens have had to wait weeks for their COVID test results, and some citizens, unfortunately, lost their lives waiting for these test results before they could have accessed any relevant medical treatment.”

Persad-Bissessar said “Dr. Keith Rowley once again sought to distract the nation rather than offering any new solutions or support for the thousands of businesses that are in distress.”

“We again heard nothing of the promised rapid test kits, and his only solution was to reopen a few businesses.”

Slamming the Government’s plan for citizens abroad waiting to come home, the UNC said “the thousands of nationals stranded abroad is to create yet another Ministerial committee to now “remove the exemption system”. It is clear the Prime Minister and his Government remains clueless about the pandemic and the struggles the people continue to face.”

The UNC is now calling on the Government “to show more compassion to our stranded nationals abroad, as well as increased support for businesses and citizens that continue to suffer.”