UNC: PM’s attack on ethics council “extremely dangerous”

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UNC: PM’s attack on ethics council “extremely dangerous”

The United National Congress (UNC) has slammed what they describe as the Prime Minister’s hot-headed attack on the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Dr Keith Rowley wrote: “An Ethical Council without ethics and steeped in bias is to be ignored for what it is.”

This followed the Council’s ruling that the PNM had breached the political code of ethics on two more occasions.

According to UNC PRO Kirk Meighoo, the PM’s words were extremely dangerous, revealing the dictator that he truly is.

He said Rowley’s attack reveals five things about himself:
1. Keith Rowley refuses to behave ethically and responsibly as he personally agreed to.
2. Keith Rowley refuses to lift the society up to higher standards. Indeed, he intends to coarsen, degrade and debase our political culture as much as he possibly can.
3. Keith Rowley will not stand by his signature to an agreement when it does not suit him.
4. Keith Rowley will ignore an independent body that rules against him.
5. Keith Rowley will bully and slander that organisation in the process.

Meighoo further stated, “Keith Rowley obviously believes that he is not accountable to anyone, that he can break whatever law he wishes, trample on the constitution as he desires, bully whom he chooses, slander whomever he wants, incite violence and racial division whenever he thinks he needs to.”

“He clearly rejects the idea that he is accountable to the Code of Ethical Political Conduct that he himself personally signed on to and agreed to abide by – first, before anyone else, according to Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath, Chairman of the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour.
This is dangerous for our country as a whole, and it must be condemned by all sectors of society, particularly those bodies who formulated the Code of Ethical Political Conduct in July 2014.

“If a Prime Minister does not feel that he must answer to churches, trade unions, and NGOs, regarding an agreement which he personally signed on to, because those bodies’ representatives have found that the Prime Minister has violated that agreement, then this is dangerous indeed,” said Meighoo.