UNC opens free clinic for flood victims of Bamboo #3


UNC opens free clinic for flood victims of Bamboo #3

United National Congress is today hosting a Free Medical Clinic headed by Dr. Rai Ragbir and Councillor Seema Ramsaran-Augustine and St. Augustine Constituency.

The clinic was set up by Deputy Political Leader Khadijah Ameen and the St. Augustine Executive to assist flood victims at Bamboo #3.

The clinic is at Community Centre and is open from 9am to 3pm; residents will be given free pharmaceuticals from Superpharm Ltd.

The Municipality of Tunapuna/Piarco was severely impacted by Tropical Storm Karen.

Residents of the community of Bamboo Settlement #3 were evacuated following heavy rainfall.

IzzSo Media spoke with Seema Ramsaran-Augustine of the St. Augustine Constituency this morning about what treatment residents can access at the clinic.

Councillor Seema Ramsaran-Augustine