UNC Congratulates New UK Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer , KC

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UNC Congratulates New UK Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer , KC

The Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, sends congratulatory message to the 58th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Keir Starmer , KC,  on his Labour Party’s Electoral win.

She said she had the great pleasure of working with Sir Keir in 2011 as Prime Minister and he— the then UK Director of Public Prosecutions.

The member of Parliament for Siparia says know first-hand that his landslide victory at the polls, which has returned the Labour Party to Government after fourteen years, is a testament to his admirable social conscience and keen commitment to human rights, as well as his innovative, progressive and development-centred vision for the United Kingdom.

Sharing the same first name as Labour’s founder Keir Hardie, Sir Keir Starmer has delivered one of Labour’s largest electoral victories as he has managed to place the issues that matter the most at the core of his campaign.

It is truly significant such a tremendous number of people throughout the United Kingdom have given Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party such an immensely powerful endorsement.

This momentous victory and the forthcoming policies of Sir Keir’s administration also have vast importance for millions of people and countries beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

Sir Keir’s election also comes when the world, particularly Europe, is undergoing significant global political, economic, and social changes.

Therefore, he is aptly poised to greatly impact the foreign stage as well, in a manner that would endorse and improve Britain’s longstanding, formidable position as a global powerhouse.

Having shared a very cordial professional relationship with Sir Keir, I can say with utmost confidence the new tasks of his Premiership will undoubtedly be aided by his long experience as a barrister specializing in Human rights issues, his dynamic public service leading the Crown Prosecution Service as Director of Public Prosecutions and his people-centred representation of the constituency of Holborn and St. Pancras.

She said she met Sir Keir for the first time when she visited London in March 2011 as Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and the First Female Chair in Office of the Commonwealth, to participate in the Commonwealth Week 2011, and address several important global forums.