UNC claims PNM members issuing COVID vaccination cards to unvaccinated people

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UNC claims PNM members issuing COVID vaccination cards to unvaccinated people

On the heels of the arrest of PNM local government candidate Terry Garib for his involvement in a Covid-19 vaccination/immunisation card scam, the UNC is now calling on the Prime Minister and his Health Minister, to state who else within the PNM is involved in this card scandal.

According to UNC Public Relations Officer Dr. Kirk Meighoo, “This is extremely serious since the PNM are in charge of the national rollout of the Covid vaccination programme.”

He claims, “We now know for certain that PNM members have been issuing Covid-19 vaccination cards to persons who have NOT actually been vaccinated.”

The UNC, he said, “is now calling on Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley and Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh to tell us how many members of the PNM are involved in this fake covid vaccine card scam.”

“We also call on Rowley and Deyalsingh to tell us how many of these fake documents have been issued, are in current circulation and how this affects the official data on the numbers of persons vaccinated in the country. It is extremely important for the country to have accurate numbers regarding the covid crisis that the PNM have put this country in.”

Meighoo added that opening up the society and economy is dependent on the population reaching herd immunity.

However, he noted “We must now question the vaccination numbers due to the criminal actions of PNM members and former election candidates. Are the official figures real or imagined? Having inaccurate, fraudulent numbers puts our people at greater risk for loss of lives and livelihoods.”

“Indeed, the Prime Minister has used these questionable numbers as justification to “punish” the country by arbitrarily taking away our civil rights for up to six months.
We already operate in a data vacuum where we do not know the numbers of deaths in the ICUs or HDUs, where information is non-existent on the mortality rates associated with the different strains of covid, where testing is sporadic and among the lowest in the world, and where detailed breakdowns of where covid deaths have occurred, e.g. in hospitals, at home, in ICU units etc., are not collected or shared,” he said.

Meighoo said “On top of this data vacuum, it is now confirmed that we have fake data being generated by PNM members in a criminal scam. This is a national scandal of the highest order.
Prime Minister Keith Rowley and Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh must come clean to the country about this fraudulent scheme perpetrated by PNM party members and former candidates.”