UNC challenging National Security Minister to perform or shut up and resign

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UNC challenging National Security Minister to perform or shut up and resign

The UNC is challenging National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, if he is a real performer committed to measurable performance targets, and who can back up his performance credentials with action, to commit to reducing this year’s murder rate by at least 10% compared to last year’s.

According to a release from MP Rodney Charles on Friday, “Last year the country recorded 448 murders which means that Hinds must commit, if he is a performance oriented manager, to a target of under 403 murders this year.
This challenge was made in the wake of the cold-blooded shooting Thursday of occupants of a parked vehicle in South Park Mall in which two were killed. This follows three killings the previous day.
On Wednesday three citizens were murdered – a security officer and two persons from East POS.

Charless said the country has already recorded 43 murders for January, almost twice the 24 murders last year. “November last was the bloodiest November in our country’s history. October last under Hind’s watch, recorded the most murders ever for any October.
At close to 2 to 3 murders daily our country, if the murder rate remains unchecked, is on target to record over 600 murders for the year.”

He said “We are indeed in Wild, Wild West territory with citizens living in fear and criminals shooting with seeming brazenness, impunity and regularity. The shots fired at the South Park Mall yesterday were heard by nearby Tarouba and St Joseph Village residents.”

Charles added: “Clearly Minister Hinds will not take up the challenge because he knows more than anyone else that he lacks the qualifications, vision, track record, aptitude, experience and competence to reduce measurably our out of control murder rate.
Under Hinds murders will most likely increase.
“The country is fed up with Minister Hind’s platitudes, old talk and nice sounding phrases.
Charles said “that is why we are challenging him to perform measurably, or shut up and resign forthwith.”