UNC celebrates 32nd Anniversary today; recommits to fighting for hope

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UNC celebrates 32nd Anniversary today; recommits to fighting for hope

Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has recommitted her party’s stance to fighting for hope, prosperity and opportunity for all.

In a statement this afternoon, as the United National Congress celebrates its 32nd Anniversary, the party says it is doing so at an unprecedented time “when so many in our nation have been burdened by the pandemic, as well as the turmoil of poor governance.”

“However, as we continue our journey of offering the citizens of our nation people-centred representation, we recommit ourselves to the values closest to our citizens. We recommit ourselves to fighting for hope, prosperity, and opportunity for all, as we seek to rebuild.
Now, more than ever, we need to unite and work together to overcome the health and economic crises that we face and secure our country’s future. We recognize that the face of our country and indeed the world, has changed, as we all try to come to terms with the new reality. The days ahead will be difficult, and our nation requires strong leadership which, regrettably, this Rowley administration has shown it cannot provide.”

It said “Decades ago, the UNC was formed as a vehicle to offer development, representation and ensure the realisation of the dreams of all our citizens with no one being left behind. Thirty-two years later, facing some of the toughest socio-economic conditions we have ever encountered, we are called upon to strengthen our mission to ensure every citizen can achieve their true potential.”

The UNC was founded on the principles of equality and justice. “Today, as we see mismanagement, rampant neglect and poor leadership by those in authority, our Members of Parliament and all other levels of our party will continue to ensure that our founding principles are the core of our service to our nation.”

In just thirty-two years, the UNC has a proud and remarkable track record of which I am happy to have played a part. We can boast of having successfully formed two dynamic governments which led to significant development of our nation, while as a party we have led the charge to ensure young people and women have an equal say in national development.

The Opposition leader said “Today when I look at the number of young people, women, and the diverse composition of our party, hailing from different backgrounds, communities as well as various walks of life all of whom serve at the Parliamentary and Local Government level and other areas of national importance, I am reassured that we are fulfilling our goal of creating an entity which represents the soul of our nation.”

“In this pandemic, the Rowley regime has shown us that there is one law for them and one law for the rest of us. But we must show them that we are one people, one community, and one nation, and will reject their attempts to divide us.”

She said “we will continue to be your voice, and we will continue to fight to protect the rights of all citizens and hold this government accountable.”

The United National Congress continues to grow and evolve, but we remain focused on the issues that matter to you – jobs, health, education, basic services, and safety. We will continue our mission to build our beloved Trinidad and Tobago and realize our vision for equality and prosperity for all.