UNC calls closure of hardware stores and end to pre-packaged meals “spiteful”

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UNC calls closure of hardware stores and end to pre-packaged meals “spiteful”

PRO for the United National Congress, Kirk Meighoo is calling government’s decision to stop the sale of pre-packaged meals by restaurants as a new spiteful measure.

He said “(Prime Minister) Dr Keith Rowley has plainly run out of answers and solutions in this Covid crisis, as can be observed in these last spiteful and desperate measures to close down hardware stores and prohibit the sale of pre-packaged meals from supermarkets and grocery stores.”

Meighoo said “As citizens suffer, the ban on pre-packaged food from a highly privileged Keith Rowley who has all his meals prepared by staff is totally hypocritical and shameless.”

“The announcement of potential all-day curfews for Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi reeks of pure public relations gimmickry coupled with spite and malice. What science is being used to drive his decision to implement an all-day curfew for Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi?”

Meighoo sadd “These measures are just deceptive PNM propaganda to give an impression to the population that Rowley is actually doing something to fix the crisis.
It is obvious that he is totally lost. He apparently hopes this announcement will make him look like he is in charge, and look strong. However, the country knows better.”

The PRO also stated that at Saturday’s Press Conference the Principal Medical Officer – Institutions had no statistics on the mortality and morbidity rates at our Intensive Care Units and High Dependency Units. “Shockingly, this means that the Ministry of Health has been making management decisions with NO DATA, 15 months into the pandemic and even at the end of our deadliest month.”

He said “This needs urgent investigation. The country needs to know the statistics now. Why isn’t the Ministry of Health showing the immediate attention necessary for this life and death matter?”

“At the same time, the CEO of the NCRHA, Davlin Thomas seems to be manipulating statistics in an effort to defend his glaring inability and mismanagement. Even the Chief Medical Officer and Minister of Health had to distance themselves from Thomas’s statement,” Meighoo added.

He said “It is time for Keith Rowley to stop chasing every car that passes and accept help from all stakeholders to prevent a massive humanitarian crisis from occurring in our country.”